Enter, interpret, interact
Welcome Mission: Your appointment with me is an appointment with yourself with the volume turned up and your inner self more finely pixilated. We will discover, uncover, explore options, bolster strengths, and rev up engines of creativity and change. If we understand how we think, feel, and behave, then we can become agents of invention. Like the butterfly effect, small changes in attitude and action may offer radiance and enlightenment to lift up our lives and the lives of those around us.
     Here we meet, human virtuoso to human virtuoso, each of
us sparkling and dusty, whole and splintered, courageous and fearful, resilient and fragile. And oh so curious. . .
Lisa Friedlander, MA, MSW, MFA,LICSW
2500 Main Street Unit 204
Tewksbury, MA 02876
978-988-9333 (Fax) 626-605-9425